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Hi guys, I'm Robert Kozul. Last November, I discovered the original film prop of the Thomas & Friends character "Lady" from the film "Thomas and the Magic Railroad." It is the original on-screen full-size engine prop used in the film, 16 feet long & 6 feet wide! Here is me with the prop when I found it, with a little highlight reel of her before and after filming.


My father & I are running a GoFundMe campaign to try and find a new, permanent home for Lady, with hopes of later restoring her. Any help is appreciated, from sharing the campaign with family & friends to donations to help with her move.

We are currently trying to get in contact with Mattel, the toy company with ownership of Lady's trademarks & copyrights, to see if we can get permission to display her within a museum. From what my father & I researched, we believe that if she is placed within a nonprofit museum/organization/other, said display would fall under fair use. Any advice on the subject of copyrights/displays are greatly appreciated.
Wow. I've seen this film a hundred days because of my son.

What's the history of it since the film?

Good luck

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Well thomp, the prop has has a crazy life since after the movie. She was brought from New York to LA for the film's premiere, then the studio abandoned her & took parts like the face & lamps, and the person in charge of moving her became her owner. He repainted her in Xmas colors & rented her out for family & friends. Here's what she looked like a few Christmases ago:
I always thought Pete Fonda looked like he was forced into his role. He's miserable even when she gets her special coal

Very cool project but a real shame what's become of her

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