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Help! Reshaping prop


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I recently got in a Thracian archer's helmet from the movie Hercules. It looks great but has slight warping to where it doesn't sit perfectly on the head. 'What would you guys recommend for attempting to fix this? I want to keep the paint looking good and the foam padding undamaged.




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You could always try to straighten that piece with a heat gun. Would be fun to put the helmet on some type of "head form" before hand.
If you're worried using the gun, maybe dip the part into hot/boiling water. Dip it for a few seconds and see if you can make it straight.
If it's not working after a few seconds, try more until you can move the part.


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If it is directly from the movie, and not a re-creation, don't touch it and just display it as it is. You run the risk of damaging either the helmet or the paint and a piece of history will be gone.

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IF it's an actual movie item, I would treat it like a piece of history and leave it as is. If not, heat gun or a hot afternoon in the sun ( monitored) should help


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I own one of these helmets. I believe it's polyurea sprayed into a mold. Truck bed liner. Durable as hell. It's how a crapton of armor is done these days. Most of the marvel costumes use some. A heat gun should do nicely for reshaping. Start with a blow dryer, because it's so much more gentle. If that doesn't produce enough heat then use a heat gun but go slow!

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