[Help required] World of Warcraft Quadruped Cosplay


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I am looking at a pair of more difficult cosplays that I need to brainstorm/discuss with others as I am having a little trouble on my own.

I am planing on cosplay as both https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCr7y4SLhck Sindragosa, The Dragon that the lich king summons in this video and Deathwing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq4Y7ztznKc from World Of Warcraft.

Now the few issues I have in in regards to using prostherics as the limbs, head/neck and tail.

I want them to be large enough that they are intimidating and imposing but not so large I can't take them to cons, I have not problems with transportation as I have a pickup truck so larger designs would be okay.

So what I think I will have to do for the limbs is use a series of simple hydraulics to control the claws, neck, head, jaw, tail, legs etc

So then I have to get hydraulics, actuators micro controllers etc to emulate all the the moving limbs, eyes, smokey/misty breath of the dragon.

Will post some sketchs later on
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