Help removing the pin from a Graflex 3-cell flash


I've looked through the forums and I didn't see anything, so maybe I'm just missing something really simple...but I have 3 Graflex flashes and on every single one of them, I've struggled to get the pin out that holds the "rabbit ear" things on the top out.

So far I've had the best luck finding a piece of metal rod and tapping it out from behind with a hammer, but it seems way more difficult than necessary. After getting them out, I've filed two of them down a bit so they can come out more easily, but still stay in the socket by themselves. Is there some secret way to get that pin out that I'm missing? I'm able to easily disassemble every other piece of the flash, I just get so frustrated with that pin!
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Congratulations on getting it out! I honestly am not quite sure, but my guess would be that (since they were supposed to be loose and wobble but not come out) Graflex may have dome something to the pin after sliding it in, adhesive, or a tiny bit of weld, or a dent, I'm not sure - just a theory. They were (and are) pretty significant pieces of machinery considering, so I wouldn't doubt some step in the factory process that kept these from coming out. Oddly enough, the replica flash guns have a nice flat head screw in there...well nice for when someone's in your situation. Anybody else know anything?
I never looked at mine too closely, but a lot of things were punch pinned together back then, wouldn't surprise me if that is the correct way to remove it.
Okay, just checking, thanks for the input!

The first two have come out alright with this method, and yes, there was a small dent on the back end of the pin, which created a little bulge. I actually filed that down a bit before putting them back in.

It's just this third one isn't coming out, and I really want to switch the bulb clamp thing because it's in better shape than the one I have on my ANH saber. I feel like the more I hit it, I'm making it wedge in there even tighter. This third hilt is sort of my 'extra' - if it comes down to it, I may hack off the head of the pin and drill it out. I really don't want to though, even though it's sort of a junky flash otherwise.
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