Help please with my costume for Saphir/Sapphire from sailor Moon


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I am pretty new to costume making, and this has been puzzling me for weeks now. My husband and I are dressing up as Saphir/Sapphire and Petz/Prisma for Halloween, and Saphir's shirt has me stumped. He's got silver charms on his shirt and I have no idea what to use for them. My last resort is cutting them from foam and spray painting them silver, but I don't think that will look very good. Any suggestions on what to use instead? I've attached a few pictures of the character for reference.


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A number of costume addons lately have been based on puff paint or puff ink. The fabric ink is painted or screened onto the fabric and then heated to provide a raised, 3D puffed effect. This has been used for insignia like Star Trek, arm stripes for Star Wars Rogue One, etc. The puff can be achieved with a heat gun after printing or painting. Obviously test your fabric and technique before doing a complete costume. The puff additive can be added to any compatible ink so you should be able to choose the color you need.

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Another option would be to look for small mirror pieces - you can find packs at hobby/craft stores. If you get a variety of sizes and shapes you can glue them on the shirt with a gel super glue (Gorilla and LockTite have good ones).


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use thin aluminum sheet you can buy at hardware stores. 0.02 inches thick or half a mm thick. Easy to cut, just make sure you use a file to unsharpened edges and corners.

*or* consider beads and use a straight rod of aluminum. The beads can be sewn to the shirt, but when you wash that shirt, make sure t is in a protective bag.

I assume the rod portion dangles and moves with the character.


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as JPH mentioned, personally I would make strands of white or silver bugle beads with a round bead on top, and then sew them to the fabric. Beads are really nice for adding a lot of flashiness to an outfit without looking out of place. Beads honestly would be your best option, as they complement the Sailor Moon art style pretty well.

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