Help please! Wiring an 11x40 LED matrix for a Daft Punk helmet

Hi all! I'm a huge fan of Daft Punk, and while searching for a new project to distract me from the 3 unfinished ones I have I settled on the robot's helmets, specifically Thomas'. I'm trying to make the electronics like the original, a programmable 11x40 3mm LED matrix. The problem arises when I remember I have no experience in circuit building, I dont know a resistor from a capacitor and it shows- I've also had no luck in finding drivers for an LED matrix larger than 8x8, and without that it is worthless. (I realize I could do some magic with arduinos, but I also am ill educated in their use) I haven't actually seen anyone use the proper 3mm matrix, probably because of this dilemma, but if anyone has any tips they would be most appreciated.

Best regards, and happy making! -Jonathan
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