Help please. Jurassic Park fossil dig photos.


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Allo allo! No. this isn't Rene, just a friendly forum goer, ready to call on the assistance of the incredible RPF population.
I'm doing a little gathering of references for something I'd like to do sometime in the near future.
I was wondering if any of you amazing folk might have some clear photos of the dinosaur skeleton first seen in the beginning of the first Jurassic Park film?

This one:

Any photos of this skeleton would be of great help. Close up, complete aerial, etc.

Many thanks in advance.
Cheers - Chris
Not helpful, bus maybe a clue:

There was a picture of this raptor in the Lost World Game for Playstation. Back in these day I had an Explorer Cartridge, with a modi to extract picture file from games...

Maybe its possible to get that picture anywhere, it was the same skeletton with a green/black backround...
I know this has nothing to do with what you are after, but found this after a search and thought you might like it as a JP fan:

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