HELP!! Places to get Han Solo Blaster conversion parts


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Hey everyone, another new member here :)

After a lot of researches, I found that Blast-tech is selling Han Solo Blaster conversion parts, and the quality of the parts are really good. However, John(Blast-tech) said that most of the parts were no longer available. As a result, I am looking for Han Solo Blaster conversion parts. No matter what type of Han Solo Blaster, I am looking forward to you guys' answer.

P.S. Does the Doopydoos Han Solo resin blaster kit good? Please give me some ideas. :confused

Vince aka Corellian Exports for
- GK conversion parts (minus scope, this is provided by Tony aka adamata)
- ESB (Han/ Luke) conversion parts

Han ANH and/ or ROTJ parts are somewhat rare currently

That's really all the info available right now... Lichtbringer has a wonderful thread on his Greedo killer with a lot of parts he machined himself, which is what I'm in the process of doing. adamata is working on his scopes again, too.
I have a Han Anh scope and flash supressors from a MR LE blaster that I could sell or trade. More accurate than Johns parts and in hand...
I saw Corellian Exports is selling GK Grill and Mount parts. Adamata's scope is now available too! Anywhere can I get another parts of the GK?
Scope rings and rail you will have to find on eBay or the like... "Vintage Weaver 1 inch scope rings". The flash hider is from an M3/M31A "greasegun". I'm still looking for one myself
It all depends if you want resin replica parts, or metal replica parts, or vintage parts.

Resin parts are easier to get than metal, and metal easier than vintage - and from all Solo Blaster models the ESB variants are the versions with the easiest to find parts and the lowest prices.

The vintage ANH-HW-Scopes are probably the most expensive single part (thank god i have enough), and the real GK-Scope is the hardest to find (they are not expensive, just not easy to find, close to impossible).

That´s the reason why i´m making my own GK-scope




The scope on top is my Adamata, a really nice resin one, the scope in the middle is a real one which belongs to a customer i´m building a GK for atm.
And the one with the silver bell ist the one i´m making from scratch for my own use.

It´s a lot of work, but i´m sure in the end it will pay off. :)
Wow do you sell your blasters ?

Usually not. I sold some Denix based i made when i started, but my own blasters from a later date on were all based on the MGC-Mauser-Replica, which is much harder to find these days.

I do commission-builds when the customer provides me with the available parts he wants me to use, and i´m fabricating the needed other parts (or overworking the bought parts as needed) to build a complete blaster. Off course only when i have time for making it right, as i´ve a satisfying regular income i´m not interrested in collecting as much commissions as possible and beeing stressed fulfilling (or rushing) them.
Are you using canibalized parts from other scopes, or is it completely scratchbuilt? I assumed the bell was lathed.
I've stashed a couple of "similar" scopes for future projects, with this in mind.
Best, Jeff

Sorry to hijack your thread Lipmann,
I'll go read the DL-44 thread.
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