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Hi all im just after a little help on painting latex masks i keep getting contradictory info ive been told to use pros aide mixed in paint and dab it on with a sponge ive tried this but the base coat looked patchy the other is air brush a mixture of 50/50 latex and paint which sounds like a good idea as i can get the smooth finish from that any help would be really great thank you
Liquid latex tinted with your paint thinned down with ammonia. If your worried about adhesion or your latex is old you can spray it down with white vinegar first.
You can also use 'Prosaide'. It is a professional, medical grade glue for attaching prosthetics to flesh. I have used a mix of paint and latex for years and the results were good but not lasting. Mix prosaide and paint and it will look like it is part of the original pour of latex. Pros have been using this mixture for a long time. Also, Finhead is right to thin with ammonia. I actually use water when I don't have ammonia. If you thin the latex/ammonia/paint mix thin enough you can use in an airbrush. You can do the same with prosaide too. Prosaide usually doesn't need thinning though.
hi DethBecomesYou thank you for the info so just mix prosaide and paint then send it through the air gun?......sounds nice that the finish is so good as well thanks
brilliant thank you...yes im using fw acrylic inks which are water based also is it 50/50 prosaide and paint....thats brilliant thank you very much for your help :)
ah right brilliant so more like around 30/70 prosaide/paint then or just experiment with the levels thank you very much this has been a massive help :)
Experiment. I'm sure you have different gun attachments to use. Prosaide is a glue so a lot is overkill. You will find the magic mixture I'm sure. Spray some tests on latex pieces and see if it sticks after it is dry. Good luck! Please post pictures when you're done. :)
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I used Latex mixed with generic acrylic paint. At first I had thinned it down, this had an interesting color blending effect on the surface below it, but eventually I mixed only latex and paint together. The best thing about latex mixed with paint is that the paint becomes part of the mask and doesnt flake off :D

My biggest tip is to buy a hair dryer. Itll save a lot of time ;)
Hi. You only need to create a base layer that bonds to the latex as a primer, you do not need to keep adding prosaide to you paint and you shouldn't mix if with fw inks to start with.

Pic your base colour and mix 25% prosaide to 75% normal water based acrylic paint, then use a soft bruch or sponge to apply it evenly.

Once that has dried, you can just airbrush you inks as if you were painting a resin bust. The prosaide base layer with stick to the latex, your ink will stick to the base layer.
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