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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by MingansMarauder, Aug 24, 2015.

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    Hi everyone, first time poster, LONG time viewer.

    So I'm currently in the process of building a ESB DL-44, have most of it sourced out or planned. However I'm hoping someone can help with semi detailed measurements of the v8 piston. I'm hoping that's the proper piece, the half round piece on the side of the mag well with ribbing at the top and bottom, two squares with screws in the center. Outside of the model kit it came from or Evolution Props I was thinking about machining one myself and then casting it for future use. Unless someone has a better source for it, which would be awesome!

    Also, as I do like to have options, what are current places I can get the various pieces from? Mainly the scope(doesn't have to be an original real one), various greeblies, flash hidder, etc. I know sadly Blast Tech isn't around anymore, I know of Evolution Props and that's about it. Of course the Mauser seems pretty easy to find.

    My plan is to have one as metal and “real” as possible and perhaps a second lighter one to carry at conventions (so more resin pieces, plastic airsoft body, etc.).

    Thanks everyone for any help and I can't wait to start making more posts of finished projects. RPF has been a massively helpful place to get information from for various costumes I've made through the years and hope to post up my work soon.
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    Welcome to the club! First off you should read this thread. It's full of great information about the ESB DL-44. The Pistons I don't recall if the measurements are in there but the right kit that they came from is
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    Also... if you think you want the pistons... you're making the HOTH version so make sure to research that version... the other ESB versions didn't have them.
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    Thank you both! Thanks for the link to the thread, I have seen it and looked it over several times. Awesome infomation!

    Right! I remember reading in that thread and I want to say somewhere else how the different ones where. Really I'm not a massive stickler on that sort of detail, as it seems some of the ones I've seen people make on here had the Besbin Mount with the pistons. I completely understand detail and getting it accurate, but to me I dont mind fudging a little to make it look that much cooler. And when its mostly in a holster at a Con or displayed at my house, MOST people won't notice the differences.

    Thanks again to the both of you for the infomation.
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    Reach out to bobadebt here at the RPF. He is doing a run of metal parts and even though the run is closed you can get on the waiting list to * up some of the extra parts.

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