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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by GlennTech, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. GlennTech

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    I posted a request at this place to model an arc reactor but since none is interested will I try it myself.

    I've searched a bit around but I can't find a simple tutorial how you can make a 3d-model based on digital images from the object.

    I've sketch-up 8 and blender. Is there maybe an other 3d-softwarepackage better suitable for me?

    The purpose of the 3d-model is to get it 3d-printed at a fablab.
  2. madmanmoe64

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    If you are brand new to 3D modelling, i would suggest SketchUp. It has a fairly intuitive way of creating simple masses, you just draw a 2D shape and then Pull it up to create a 3D solid. More complex forms are created by adding or subtracting other shapes.

    Blender will allow you to create more curved and fluid designs, but getting good enough to model an arc reactor (presumably from Iron Man?) would take quite a while.
  3. cheech9898

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    There's a few good books for Blender. You might want to look for Blender Foundations by Roland Hess.
  4. 8 perf

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    If you have Sketchup, you already haver access to the "3-D Warehouse".

    3D Warehouse

    I just did a quick search and there are already 5 or 6 good models of the reactor in there. if not what you want, at least its a good base to start from.
  5. GlennTech

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    Can you direct me to those models? I did a search but couldn't find these. Only an old arc reactor in pepakura.
  6. DaddyfromNaboo

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    How abooouuuuut...

    ...just typing in "arc reactor" and looking at both pages that the search function (which the link takes you to directly) brings up? There are 12 different arc reactor models in there.

    As with content here in the RPF it really helps when new members fire up a search engine and then thoroughly go through the results. ;)

    RPF staff
  7. GlennTech

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    Sorry for my request. I totally forgot about the google 3d model database. I only searched the forum.
    Delete this thread please.

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