Help needed with starting a Batman Begins costume


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-The Cowl I got from Janty last year

-The gauntlets I've ordered so far are from The Bronze Armory.

I'm totally new to working with latex armor, so suggestions I consider wise lessons, will try them out first ofcourse, any help will do and will be greatly appreciated.

I haven't bought the armor yet , but I already have a thought on how to attach it to an undersuit.

I''m thinking about glueing it to a triathlon wetsuit, this is the kind I have in mind

I want to use ''Elastic Industrial glue'' (elastische lijm - HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL ), to read the content I guess it must be translated with google, don't know how to do this to english.Will this be strong enough and keep the suit flexible enough without ripping the glue off , when taking the suit of, is my question.


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Thanks, it was a great help.

Still looking for a utility belt and grapple gun holster, I know Finhead used to make the holsters, but are there any other makers out there?
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