Help Needed with 3D Model for Printing, Wall Thickness and Getting Cost Down

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    I found a series of models for Dante's Rebellion on myminifactory, and I only have a vague idea of what to do when it comes to preparing 3D models for printing or working with them in general. I've downloaded these files and only need a couple of parts to be printed as I'd like to make the rest myself. On this site you can either purchase the whole sword or download the files for free. The part I'm stuck on is, while they are indeed the files needed in stl format, they don't really have the walls thickness in place or have it set up to be cost effective/fully prepared for online 3D printing services. From looking around online I think there's a few integral things missing that prevent this from being printed as a solid chunk of plastic, which ends up being FAR too much money.

    Essentially what I need help with are the design aspects of this. What should I do to get the files ready for printing? Recommended programs for doing this work would be great. I know I want the thinnest yet most durable, while being cost effective way of doing this possible. Can someone take a look and give me some pointers?

    I've uploaded the files here to mediafire:

    I've got a file in there that's the original download, and a larger one that is the one where I attempted to make walls in meshlab. Please give me some tips. Thanks!

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