*help needed* Witch King of Angmar's Ring


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I've recently been looking into making a replica of the Witch King's ring of power gifted to him by Sauron in the second age of middle earth. The reference material I've found online is okay but not detailed enough to satisfy what I'm looking for. Im also trying to figure out the best way to create the ring once I have an accurate design laid out. If anyone has any help or advice to offer I'm all ears.

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If you mean one of the rings of power he gave to the human kings, The Noble Collection once made that ring and called it "King of Men". There is a supposedly licensed version that is still available from another company (advertised as being the Witch King's ring) that looks the same as the no longer made Noble Collection version but it is not as high of quality. At least it's cheaper though, lol. Anywho, if you want to make one as opposed to buying one, you can look up pics of the rings I mentioned for reference.
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