Help Needed for Bride Of Re-Animator Costume


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Hey everyone! :D

It's me, the noob again, pleading once again for the assistence of the much wiser members of the RPF.

I'm planning on making a Bride of Re-Animator costume, but I am in desperate need of any information on the original costume, and refrence pictures.

So far I only have a few, and this is one of them:

My plan is to get a nude full body leotard (The priority for me is to show as little skin as possible), and gradually paint on all of the details. Then I'll coat it with a thin layer of liquid latex so it'll look like skin, and maybe another layer of paint.


For the neck I'm going to do some more latex makeup, and of course a lot of fake blood. I'm also going to sew a few bits of clothing out of some sort of material thin enough to look like gauze for some extra coverage.

Anyone with any knowledge on this costume, any refrence pictures, or any advice would be greatly apprciated.

I'm hoping I can have this one finished in time for Dragon*Con this year in September.
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