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    Hello everyone,

    Some of you might know the "other" job I do, many others don't. I am a co-founder of Anovos along with Dgasser my partner in crime. Together with another friend (joe.b) another RPFer, we created a site for called

    The idea behind this : Take our already existing license and create a line more obtainable to everyday folks in their everyday lives ~~ most important though, uphold the high standard of replication and quality replicas in these items.

    Recently, Yahoo News did a story on this because of their fascination with our geek culture that we all participate in. By our scale and theirs, its a big article but they are closely watching the metrics on this to push on with more articles about our "world". Personally, I love the attention our different communities get and would love to see more.

    Therefore, we need your help. Its a simple action if you don't mind :

    1. Click on the link :

    ‘Novo Geek’ aims to assist the functional fan | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

    2. Click on "FB Recommend" on top and it will show on your Facebook account that you like this story.

    ( I even attached a quick visual with this post)


    3. Since you're on the the whole FB site at this point, you could also just "like" us : The Novo Geek | Facebook

    We hope you enjoy the article. It captures what we're trying to do and how the site and the products are really all about the fans and trying to further blend the lines of real world functionality with a daily dose of BSG, Star Trek, Dexter and many more properties to come. Seriously, it just makes the day go by a little quicker when I look down and see a Galactica planted in my USB drive - :lol:lol

    Thank you all for your help in advance. We could not have done it without the RPF and the friendships forged here is what created the company. In fact, look closely at the article's pic - those are two RPFers as well.:lol
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    and bump!
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    I´m still not on facebook but at least i can give a free BUMP! :lol

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