Help My Replica Bumblebee Camaro (Beaterbee) "Roll Out For Sema"


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Hey Everybody,
I am in need of some help getting my 1977 Bumblebee Camaro Replica "Beaterbee" to this years Sema Car Show in Las Vegas . Beaterbee is currently one of 16 cars fighting it out for one of two spots to be on display at this years Sema Show .

To vote goto
Please vote and share on your Facebook wall , tell your friends .

Feel free to add me one Facebook Ryan-William Buchanan

Thank you to all out there for your time and votes

More Info
My 1977 Camaro is a replica of the Beater Bumblebee Camaro, from the 2007 Transformers Movie ."Beaterbee" draws attention where ever it goes from children to adults, do to it’s connection as well it’s built with all modern technology underneath .

As they say it’s "More then meets the eye" . 4 years of transforming has created the replica look with a Custom Interior. Upgrades include LS Engine w/Compcams, Flowmaster Exhaust, SSBC Brakes, Hotchkis/Ridetech Suspension and Royal Purple fulids – Purple Ice, HPS oil, Max ATF and Max Gear Lube . Keeps Beaterbee agile and ready to "Roll Out".

Beaterbee has been proud to be featured at the 2011 Autoshow representing Chevrolet, The Camaro Homecoming, Dark Of The Moon Movie Premier and this years Transformers Convention. But most importantly Children’s Charity Events that gives children and youth the opportunity for distraction from their troubles and offer encouragement .

See more of Beaterbee at: resid=3F0DCDEF1D097481!334 resid=3F0DCDEF1D097481!391

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