Help me figure out my Halloween Project for my Wheelchair *Unique Kind*

Mike J.

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One of the HK prototypes from T3?

...I think the original HK is the best idea so far...


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I'd love to do the HK but most people are never going to know what it is and genysis is so far away. I think Wall-E will be my primary idea, all the ideas were awesome, now I need to start scaling this thing out so I can fit in it. Might try my hand at sculpting a cockroach friend to put on the top.


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Polystyrene is something I havent worked with much, I have worked with a material for Marine applications called Centra, its expanded PVC sheets and is pretty brittle but easy to work with, bad thing is the price, $75 a sheet for 1/4" 100 for 3/8 and 150 for 1/2. Its also a pain to paint because you need to prep it by sanding the entire surface then prime it with expensive primer. Thank everyone for their acknowledgement of my service it was my pleasure and I loved it almost as much as I love my Country.

I'm trying to start getting the ratios right for the dimensions.

Reading your post, a sandcrawler would have worked too


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I know there's a guy that built a full-size Wall-E out there but I'm not sure where he got his measurements.
I would probably start working off the size of your treads to the size of Wall-E's and scale everything off that. I'm sure some adjustments would need to be made but that should make it a little easier to get an idea of scale.


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thats where I was looking at starting, kinda funny starting the process the same way! Had a few setbacks, been raining a lot here so I havent had the opportunity to get everything laid out yet. Working on a few things like getting an airbrush setup and some different paints, anyone use acrylic in an airbrush? I am trying to see what to thin it with and what ratios people are using.
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