Help me decide what to watch tonight.


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So, I'm planning on being a couch potato tonight. Still deciding on the food for the evening (Sushi? Indian? Burgers? Not sure...), but I've narrowed down the visual entertainment to the following:

- a "TRONathon". I haven't seen Legacy yet, so the plan would be to watch the original, followed by Legacy, back to back.

- A John Carpenter marathon, featuring The Thing, In the Mouth of Madness, and/or Village of the Damned. Feel free to pick among those three.

- Possibly starting on the 2nd half of Doctor Who -- Season 6. I haven't watched any of it since it started again. Although I gather it's only 6 episodes.

- Other suggestions.

So, of those, which would you go with and why? Tawk amungst yehselves, bubbies. :)
I'm going out to see Real Steel at 4:00. After that I plan on watching Alien on bluray. I don't know why, but I've had a real hankering to see that lately. Probably all the Nostromo pics I've been looking at on the RPF.
I'd mix the options up a bit and watch Tron Legacy then The Thing. As for food, I'm a good pizza and pint of Ben and Jerries to top it off kind of guy.
do yourself a favor and watch "Escape from New York", and then immediately watch "Captain Ron". Its the best double feature ever when you realize Captain Ron is Snake is WW3 never happened.
I was going to say Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. :thumbsdown

I thought better of it and would actually recommend the Tron-a-thon. I just saw this two weeks ago and thought it was done well.
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