Help me buy a Boba Fett blaster

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by T2SF, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. T2SF

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    paypal is JK JK

    I kinda secretly love the Boba Fett blaster and I'd like to buy the flare launcher.

    There is one that has been closed on Gunbroker that I have agreed to buy and I just want to double check the details with you.

    Check it out at

    Webley and Scott Flare Gun 1917 No.1 MARK "I" : WW1 & WW2 Collectibles at


    Webley & Scott 1917 No.1 MARK "I" For sale. It is NUMBERS MATCHING. It has NOT BEEN DEACTIVATED. I have had it stored is a case for the last 4 years. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. You can email me at

    *******THIS ITEM DOES NOT NEED TO BE SHIPPED TO A FFL ******* If you need additional photos or information please email me. The Webley will be bubble wrapped and shipped in a brand new box. And will be fully insured. I WILL ACCEPT PAYPAL OR A MONEY ORDER. IF A MONEY ORDER IS USED, I WILL SHIP WHEN MONEY ORDER CLEARS

    And via email he lets me know he has the following:

    I have everything you would need to convert the Webley into a Boba blaster.

    I have an original Heiland shutter extinction (the chrome piece that extends Bobas barrel).

    I have the proper scope and a full set of greeblies needed to make an exact screen accurate blaster.

    The average Webley you will come across with be chrome plated and sell for about 1000-1500 dollars. I purchased mined for 1500 dollars. And I purchased all the blaster extras for another 300 dollars. I searched for 2 years to find this Webley, I wanted the same one Lucasfilms used to build theirs. It has the same exact brass pistol grip, a lot of times they are removed and replaced with plastic grips.

    You could make the ultimate Boba Fett Blaster and not damage the original Webley at all.

    I would be willing to let everything go for 1000 dollars that would include , The Webley, the scope, the greeblies, the Heiland (I promise you won't find one of these). With shipping included.

    Sorry I ran on and on, but, I wanted you to know exactly what I have and how rare it is. Tommy.

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    I wonder if he's a member on here, the pulse rifle builder?

    Let me know if that is a fair price and if it's accurate for the blaster.


  2. Slave1

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    Sounds like a sweet deal to me and it looks to be in good condition. Wouldn't be bad to get a pic of the extras.

    I'd pay w/ Paypal since they are pretty good on customer protection if there is a dispute (i.e. the item is not as described), but other than that, I'd say go for it if you're wanting to do the ESB version.
  3. T2SF

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    Thanks for the info and opinion!
  4. abaddon1974

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    If only we could find these in the UK.
  5. lonepigeon

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    Since the real blaster prop used an MPP and not a Heiland that's not really a plus. Heiland's are cheaper and easier to find than a real MPP.
    Plus he says it's a "Heiland extension" which is even more useless. It's a short little thing, not even long enough for this prop or a lightsaber.

    I have a real Webley myself and I'm using a replica MPP tube. I have a real MPP but it's too rare to use for this.

    I'd ask to see the other conversion parts. Quality and accuracy of these pieces vary a lot. A cheap $10 Tasco scope is similar to the original, but not accurate enough to use on a real Webley IMO. If he's offering a real ASI scope that'd be nice.
    Considering the Heiland I'd be leary of his other parts.

    All that said... $1000 isn't too bad for an original blued Webley.
  6. OdiWan72

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    I´d jump on this!
    If only I could find one here in germany/ europe :cry

  7. Slave1

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    That's what I was thinking. Any bonus parts would be a bonus.

    On the flash tube, you could get something better later.
  8. T2SF

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    Let me know if these pieces are accurate.


  9. DL 44 Blaster

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    All this for $1000 bucks :eek $1000 for the blued Webley alone is a fantastic price.

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