Help making Half/full scale statues?


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Hello every one,
So after buying 6 statues from Sideshow and all 6 of the statues getting 3 replacements each (18 statues in total) i have decided to NEVER buy another sideshow statue again.

Sadly i want to continue to Collete statue and display them. This is hands down the best forums for creating art in my eyes. There are some very very talented people here.

So Here is what i am looking to make. I was wondering if you guys could lend me a hand.

I would like to make a Mark 42 or Mark 3 Life size bust.

My question is, How do i go about doing this. I completely SUCK at sculpting and was considering buying a 3D printer. Could I in theory take files that have been shared on the forums increase the size print them out assemble them and cast the statue is resin?

Kevin Gossett

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Most files freely available are not 3d print files. If you did have 3d print files, you could absolutely print them, piece them together, and master the surface. To get resin copies, you would need to mold them in silicone, then cast in resin. When that's all said and fine you're looking at a considerable more amount of time and money than buying something ready made
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