HELP! Looking for an ID on some Adidas trainers


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I was wondering if any of you lovely people might be able to help me identify some modified Adidas trainers for a costume ID. After spending last night for hours getting nowhere I'm reaching out.

I think a few options we came up with was the 'Breeze' line, possibly a Climacool trainer, maybe part of the performance group. I don't know a whole lot about trainers and the pair we succesfully ID'ed from this movie was mostly ID from the distinct sole pattern. This are going to be circa 2012/early 2013

For anyone wanting to know, these are training shoes from Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The Rest of the outfit (female) is Lucas Hugh Sports wear (Speke Tank top, Dial Crop top, Dial leggings and Prince Albert Jacket), The male outfits were production custom only.

References -

The pieces over the top of the laces are certainly custom, The work they did on the Arena boots suggests heavy modification so the trainers might have have parts painted out (The Lucas Hugh gear has logos blacked out also)

Any help would be greatfully recieved as I'm banging my head off a wall here....:facepalm


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So My current thinking is going along the lines of the Adipure 360 trainers; They seem to be avaliable with the hard textured toe, in a main body of black that would require little blacking out BUT the soles would have to be partially painted (on the current mens) and the heel section seems wrong...

adidas adipure 360 Shoes


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Thank you so much :)

You are indeed correct, a friend found a Twitter from an official adidas source saying that they are Adipure Motions. Sadly they don't seem to be modified from any known model that I can see unless they were heavily painted.

Think I might go for the 360 option just for the convience of having them mostly black to start off. :)

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Just a suggestion, but you can get a pair of motions (or 360s for that matter), pull the laces, and then spray them in plastidip. You'll get the black look, while keeping the detail ridges and unique characteristics underneath. Just a heads up too, the lace-covers actually look like a modified tongue from the same type of shoe, likely cut free and then attached to the top of the shoes. If you look in this shot, it's got the correct texture, the different material at the top, and you can even see the lace-retainer loop in the center of the tongue below: