Help! Leeloo wig?


I need a leeloo wig for dragoncon. Does anyone have a suggestion of a good base wig, or is there somewhere I can buy one that's already styled like the one used in the movie?

Thanks for any advice!
Ive been helping someone with a Leeloo wig and i recommend getting a yellow blonde /pale yellow long bob length wig with a fringe (bang) in synthetic fibres that you can lightly dreadlock. It needs to be center parted with a skin top. Looking at what is out there, its better to go with a longer wig that can be cut to correct length as bob length wigs dont tend to have the right type of skin parting - a strip down center,with hair coming down each side and bang, rather than a dot with hair radiating from it.

Being yellow you can get synthetic wig dye in orange, or make it yourself with sharpie pen inks and alcohol and spray the yellow wig about an inche down from the root to ends with the orange.
Leeloo's hair looks exactly like if someone was bleaching their hair from dark brown to blonde...the roots come out alot paler than further fact i've had her hair doing just that!

see ref here-

these are some of the wigs that with cutting and styling could work for leeloo. Dont look at the wig pic as is, but what it could be.
Avril Synthetic Hot Hair long length Wig - Synthetic Wigs - Full Wigs - Wigs & Hair Pieces
shade vanilla Lush.

this one is lovely and thick and would still look good when dreaded/twisted, once cut. Any curves in the hair fibres can be weakened by carefully rinsing the wig with very hot, but not boiling water. This relaxes the fibres.
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My favourite ebay wig store - is on holiday, but i'd recommend having a look there!
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Wow, thanks for the very detailed reply! That was way more info than I expected!

I'll check that out soon…. *dragoncon goers beware of the dude in the leeloo outfit….*
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