HELP: Is this the Indy Shoulder Bag?

Probe Droid

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I bought this at a gun show yesterday thinking it's the correct Indy shoulder bag. It's in very good condition, prompting a suspicious me to ask the dealer if it's authentic or a copy. He assured me it was the real thing, but many of you'd know better. It does smell like it's been in storage awhile.

So, is this the right bag, and thoughts on its authenticity appreciated.

Thanks, all.


division 6

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That is the correct one, even has the same markings and mine.

Did it come with the leather strap or did it have the original webbing?

division 6

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It should have a divider, front to back, this is omitted on the WPG replicas and in some cases people removed them.

Also does if have any of the strings in the tiny pockets? (inside and left side)
The outside one goes around the body and wraps around the metal thing on the other side keeping the bag close to the body when the mask was in use, usually at the chest.

BTW the back left pocket is just the right size for a water bottle.

Probe Droid

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It's got both the divider and string in the side pocket, so I guess it's legit?

Maybe I lucked out for once, although I was looking for rifle grenades.

Thanks again, D6, I appreciate the help.

division 6

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It was probably modified by a fan then they sold off their gear.
Happens all the time.
Some of the crazy ones sell off items the day after they get them. :wacko

When they where first identified as Indy's bag people went crazy buying them up, some had 50 to over 100 so they could later gouge everyone.
They went from under $5 (what they are worth) to now over $100 in some cases.
WPG sells real ones (where I got mine) for $45. and replicas for $36, leather strap is another $12.
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