Help identifying part?


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If I'm not mistaken, the part sitting on top of the box in your first pic is from the Airfix 1/24 Harrier jumpjet (GR1 is the original issue, current issue is GR3 which has the same part).

Vinyl Guy

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In the "boushh belt" photo the piece in the center looks like the Airfix 1/24 Harrier piece that's on the Y-Wing.


"Vinyl Guy"


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deja vu!

He had a thread in the prop forum where I said the same thing, but as he said in his post (which I overlooked as well), he's looking to ID the main body of the piece--he did already know about the Harrier detail.

I'm sure he appreciates the quick responses nevertheless!


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Thanks Treadwell,
I do appreciate the quick responses and just plain responses. I've been searching for a long time on the main body of this piece. I've had no such luck identifying it, but have gotten a lot of responses from the forum which I really appreciate.



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I can't believe I've never even been in this section of the forums..... and I thought I spotted something new
.. geesh

Anyway, Steveo I rearranged your pics to help a little visually:



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Sure thing! I did another comparison for approximate measurements:


Incase there are others like me who don't read every section of the forums


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Great job MonCal,

Hope this helps people. I'm having no luck with this part. I took some pics to a model shop and the guy said they looked like "half models" that they used to make back then. He also said they looked like poured metal and not a plastic kit part. Not sure about that one. He said they also look like something people used to use back then for belts and such and to check costume places. Not sure how accurate this info is.


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the large part on the right (1 1/
looks like a cut off transmission housing. The other part attached to the left of it looks like two halves of a smaller scale transmission with a cound thing in between.



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Call me crazy, but that large part that forms the base is an almost dead-on match to a transmission/engine housing part from an old Tamiya 1/12 Honda that I have from the early 80s. Trouble is, it's half the size of the part pictured. I'll go out on a limb and say it's probably from one of Tamiya's 1/6 Hondas, because I've always suspected that ILM used the big-scale bikes. Then again, didn't they pretty much use EVERYTHING that said "Tamiya" on the box!

Anyone out there have any of these kits on hand to look through? I just haven't had the time or money to track one down yet.



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Cool beans
At least it's a start.

Here is another angle of that part:


On another note, I went to a model shop close by today and found one of the 1/12 Tamiya model ferrari 312T4 model kits. They want $80.00 for it. If I'm not mistaken, the parts used in that kit were:
* the hood for the top of the helmet
* the engine for the mouth
* and a couple other parts on the sides of the helmet.... correct me if I'm wrong.

Here is the mouth:

And a shot of the ear with the harrier piece again:


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I know .... too many parts at one time

But maybe we can figure some of these out.

Here is a shot of the bandolier box details:






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the part in question in the last post above mine is a turbo charer housing it is a spiral sort of shape the air goes in one end and there is an impeller inside the helps pull in more air and as we all know the fuel to air mixure is critical for speed the more air you can get in the faster you go

tamiya has several 1/20 f 1 thand has the same part
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