Help identifying items in Mockingjay or how to produce similar items..


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So I recently watched Mockingjay and I noticed that all of the district 13 soldiers had a very unique and eye catching cool "armor". I read that the armor is all mostly designed by a professional costume designer, but are there items similar to the ones, or ways to make them? Shirts, pants, boots and a holster aren't an issue, but the "armor" plates, along with a gear rig seem to be the unique points, there are pictures attached for reference to the "armor", the rigs, and even the backpack things featured on said rigs. I noticed in one scene raiding the "victors tower" they are wearing standard black FAST helmets with side covers, but the armor, whaaat? Anyway, all suggestions are helpful, thank you.



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Yeah like you pointed out most of it looks custom made, but honestly if you're just looking to get "close enough" for the sake of a costume/cosplay I think there are some good pre-existing pieces to look into. The armor plate could be achieved either through fabricating your own (EVA foam/sintra) or with some real riot gear.

This one gets used a lot, I think it's been on TWD and some RPF'ers have started their Civil War Crossbones builds on it

And I figure that a mix of black BDU shirt/jacket and possibly jeans could get you the look of the soft gear

The chest rig is a little more difficult because of the attached back/butt pack, but the front of it looks similar to this LBV style vest.

None of this stuff is screen accurate at all, so sorry if that's more what you're aiming for, but these are the things that popped into my head when I looked at the pictures, and I figured they could be good starting points at least.


Hi there I've been looking for the same stuff as you and I've had some interesting finds

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When I did my armor almost all of it had to be custom made, for the ballistic plates in the picture (chest and arm "scales" ) black Rubbermaid waste cans are cheap and easy to cut and form with a heat gun. Though they offer no actual protection, they take a lot of abuse from wearing the costume without having paint chip off, and resist cracking even under stress. Good luck!