Help identifying hardware


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I'm just finishing up my replica of River Song's communicator/scanner seen in Doctor Who. The last detail I'm having trouble with are the flat thin pieces of hardware that sit diagonal on the face of the device. I just can't identify them, or find anything close, and when I tried to make some to look like them I wasn't satisfied with the outcome.

They are the pieces to the left of the screen in this screencap.


I've looked for a while now, any suggestions would be appreciated!


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The closest thing I can think of would be something you would put on the back of a picture frame to hold everything in place. Have you tried taking the picture to a hardware store and asking if they have anything like it?


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Thanks! I have, I've visited every one in town and they don't have any ideas. My dad is also an electrician of about 30 years, and I've comepletely stumped him as well.

Anyway, I went out today and got some higher quality metal and I'm sitting down with my smallest files right now and giving it another go at making them!
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