Help Identifying Clark's Polo Shirt Brand? - (National Lampoon's Vacation)

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Howdy guys. Apologies if this is the wrong section but I'm usually a poster rather than a thread starter.

I've recently been tracking down some vintage late 70s/early 80s polo shirts as worn by Clark Griswold in National Lampoon's Vacation.

The polos Clark tends to wear have a nice fitted look compared to most modern polo shirts, have tennis tails and somewhat elasticated sleeve ends.

Some of the shirts are early Lacoste polos (likely IZOD Lacoste) what with the iconic crocodile on the chest on both his burgundy and light pink shirts. These are relatively easy to find (not so much in the right colors or sizes though, heh) but I'm having trouble identifying the logo in his light blue shirt in particular.

The logo appears to have a word underneath it and is possibly an "S" as the symbol? It's so blurry that for all I know it could be anything, a serpent/snake, etc.

If anyone who knows anything about polo shirt brands could help me figure this out I'd be super appreciative.



I imagine folks into wearing polo shirts will probably know this as a well-known brand. But not knowing what to begin looking for is turning up with nothing for me.

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Ah! I think you might be right!

I didn't originally see that bottom part as an "L". I assumed it was tiny text under the "S" but I can totally see it now.

It seems YSL polo shirts are nowhere near as common on eBay, but thanks a lot for identifying it for me!

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No problem - check the European eBay's as well, they are/were quite common (as in known, they were a sought after brand) over here.
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