Help identifying Admiral Ackbar's Rank bar parts


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I'm in need of some help,
We are trying to identify Admiral Ackbar's Rank bar "Parts" on his chest, ("Return of the Jedi") before resorting to 3D files etc, we would like to replicate it as real as possible.
I don't have any more clear images, but here is what I have have as of now, not sure if they made it out of model parts or random electronic parts, so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much,


  • Admiral Ackbar Rank bar 1.jpg
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The top part is the same Ferrari model kit part that's on the back of the biker scout belt. I can't remember the exact kit.


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Here's a better picture (Ackbar's is bottom right) The upper (square) part is the same badge used by the Endor troopers and Falcon gunners in RotJ (bottom left, with ruler). Hope this helps.


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The upper part is from a tamiya ferrari 312T4 A parts. I can't identify the middle one and the bottom one is also from the Ferrari kit from the C-parts. This parts where used for Y- and B-Wing Helmets and Chestbox to.


  • ferrari a parts.jpg
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