Help identifying a mystery fabric??


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So my friend from a few years back gave me five yards of this mystery fabric- it's a navy blue two way stretch knit with a shiny leathery print on one side. I've never seen anything like it, my useless fabric stores have no clue, so I'm coming to the experts. Here are some pictures.




I can probably send a sample if someone wants one who thinks they can identify it and help me find more. Thanks!!


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Hmm...It really does look like one of those random, unidentifiable fabrics from JoAnn's or Hancock, then LOL.

My only other guess is wet-look 2-way spandex, kinda like this: Spandex World Inc. spandex fabric, lycra stretch fabric

Other than that maybe some different sort of lamé? The weave of it looks similar to the stretchy lamés you get at commercial fabric stores...and they're pretty soft and flowy, depending on the thickness.
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