Help identify these 2005-ish Obi-wan and Qui-gon TPM lightsaber replicas!

E Williams

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Hi all! I just acquired these two old school replica sabers and am hoping for some assistance identifying them. They're from runs produced around the time of or shortly after the Episode 1 DVD release - sometime around 2005. While I was here at the time, saber replicas from that period are a bit of a blind spot, as they were out of reach for me back then.


The Qui-gon is made of delrin and stainless steel with an original Covertec wheel. Based on browsing some ancient threads and Yourprops (link), this may be a Darth Hez hilt? I had no idea one with these materials had ever been made - what a cool piece!


The Obi-wan I have no idea about. A few details that might help ID it:



- Likely not from the same maker as the QGJ
- It's aluminum, with the emitter section highly polished and lacquered -- there's a tarnished area on the emitter bevel where the clear coat is damaged.
- The black part of the grip seems either anodized or chemically blackened, and the core within it is solid and highly polished -- fairly hefty weight!
- Brass valve has a red LED rather than purple hemisphere
- The covertec wheel is custom machined and aluminum, with indeterminate attachment method (glue on integrated stem?)
- The pommel cubes are individual separate parts, rather than on a ring as on many replicas.
- The pommel cubes are clocked 30 degrees off from where they should be to match the on-screen appearance.

I'm hoping someone out there with one of these might know if it's possible to correct the angle of the cubes. It's solidly assembled and apart from the emitter I can't see an obvious way to take it apart.
The Obi Wan might be a Larbel. I haven’t seen one in years but I think I remember the red led in the bezel being one of his early attempts…
Interesting, thanks y’all. Any idea how the lower end is assembled?

I’d like to correct the rotation of the pommel if possible so that the cubes are aligned properly. Maybe replace the Covertec with a correct and/or un-bent one too.
Its been a while since I owned a Larbel Obi, but from what I remember once you remove the covertec everything else can be unscrewed pretty easily. The pommel had threading on it that allowed to be screwed into the rest of the saber body. I also recall there being Chinese characters inscribed on parts of the saber that are usually hidden.

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