Help Identify SNW Pike’s Apron & Spatula

Captain Dunsel

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I’m planning on putting together an accurate SNW Christopher “Pass the Bisquick” Pike costume.

Two important pieces elude me…

The first is a must for any Pike cosplayer—Pike’s cooking apron. He can be found, most of the time, puttering around in his kitchen even more than being on the bridge or part of a landing party, after all.


(BTW Neelix has got to be jealous of the size of Pike’s Kitchen …)


If ANOVOS was still around, they would no doubt be working on an accurate “Pike’s Apron” release (advertised in 2023…released in 2030…or never).

Does anyone have leads on an accurate apron?


I’m also looking for an accurate version of Pike’s primary piece of field gear—his spatula. If anyone has any leads on that, as well, it would be greatly appreciated.


I’m thinking Pike is a Kitchen Aid kind of guy, maybe?

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Grey apron with 3 pockets and leather straps on neck and back.
Lower pockets appear to have a chevron bottom.

lightened to see details.
Pikes Apron.jpg

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