HELP!!! I cant decide what to build...


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hi, I'm semi new here, I've commented on a few posts here and there but this my first real post...

I'm starting to plan my costume for Halloween this year, it might be a little soon, but the past few years, i didn't time manage well and ended up with semi- crap costumes...
this year I'm hoping to get a good head start and also to be able to have a kick ass costume for this year...

my problem is that i am incredibly indecisive and i can decide what to be...
I've narrowed it down to 3 choices,

Captain america (stealth suit or AoU)
Marty Mcfly (2015)
or Deadpool

the reason i am so indecisive about these three, is because this Halloween is going to be my senior year in high school and i want to go out with a bang!
and because of my enthusiasm and current situation, I'm trying to get the best costume i can for the least amount of money as possible...

please help me decide, and possible ways for me to stretch my dollar building these costumes...
probs capt murica, cause deadpool is everwhere and I dont know if the kids thes days even watch back to the future so everyone is going to ask what costume you are wearing
You could try to tackle the Deadpool movie costume and look like a total badass!
You could try to tackle the Deadpool movie costume and look like a total badass!
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i really wish i could, but it wouldnt have the full zing to it because im not the best at sewing, and because i want to wear it to school, i cant bring any of the prop guns or grenades, the only thing i could possibly get away with, are the swords but i totally agree, the new deadpool costume is too legit too quit.
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