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Hi guys, does any of you know the height of the snowtrooper actors in ESB?

I’m looking to build my own snowtrooper on mannequin and would like to base it on the height of the actors.

Are the actors generally 6ft tall?

Any input would be much appreciated!

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Don't think it really matters.
They appear to be an assortment of heights.

Find a picture you like then use your armor to scale it to the actor.


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Thanks, I found a list of the actors who played snowtrooper:

Tony Allen
Richard Bonehill
Richard Bonehill
Peter Diamond
Stuart Fell
Doug Robinson
Tony Smart
Keith Swaden

I just need to find out their height!

I suppose they would need to be in general similar height as there’s only one armour size. Otherwise the armour would look weird on really tall or short actors.


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If we take the confirmed ANH hiring approach, stormtroopers had to be 5ft 11 to 6ft 2. I remember reading a famous actor (Don't remember who) was denied the role of a stormtrooper because he was an inch or so too short.

Surely it was because the "Aren't you too short to be a stormtrooper?" joke wouldn't have presented the same impact.


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Find out Mark Hamill’s height and use that as your base starting point…from what I understand, he was considered to be much shorter than a standard Stormtrooper.


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If you google Hamill’s height it will say 5’9” but if you keep digging more and more places report 5’7”

5’7” I would have to say is more accurate when seeing him on stage

he’s a very small framed man


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Ford is 6’1

Fisher 5’1

Hamill and ford in 77

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