Help/guidance needed for mini Rescue armor

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    My 9-y.o. daughter, never having seen an Iron Man film, nonetheless loves playing as Rescue in "Lego Marvel Superheroes" on the XB1. I think she just appreciates an *-kicking girl version of Iron Man even though she wouldn't know who Pepper Potts was to save her life.

    So, she hits me up to look at making a Rescue costume for Halloween. I have never done pep before and I emphatically do NOT want an "Iron Woman" costume that's pretty much a normal Mk. VI, just with *. It's not accurate, and more importantly, it's for a 9-y.o., so, ick.

    I can go with pep, but I need a good file, if someone could be so kind as to direct me? However, what I'd really like are good 3D files for printing. Even if I have to join slices together, it'll be a ****-ton easier for me than the pep, and perhaps I could even take out the * to boot.

    Someone help a brother out? I'd be most grateful and think of the children!

    Much obliged,
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    Here you go mate
    There is a good rescue suit on the first post
    you might have to scroll a bit (i think that its just underneath the thor suit)
    There are also a few good techniques for foam pepping for beginners as well as how to scale the pieces
    unfortunately it does have * so you might want to switch out the chest or modify them yourself
    good luck man
    hope this helps!

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