Help/guidance needed for mini Rescue armor


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My 9-y.o. daughter, never having seen an Iron Man film, nonetheless loves playing as Rescue in "Lego Marvel Superheroes" on the XB1. I think she just appreciates an ass-kicking girl version of Iron Man even though she wouldn't know who Pepper Potts was to save her life.

So, she hits me up to look at making a Rescue costume for Halloween. I have never done pep before and I emphatically do NOT want an "Iron Woman" costume that's pretty much a normal Mk. VI, just with boobs. It's not accurate, and more importantly, it's for a 9-y.o., so, ick.

I can go with pep, but I need a good file, if someone could be so kind as to direct me? However, what I'd really like are good 3D files for printing. Even if I have to join slices together, it'll be a ****-ton easier for me than the pep, and perhaps I could even take out the boobs to boot.

Someone help a brother out? I'd be most grateful and think of the children!

Much obliged,


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Here you go mate
There is a good rescue suit on the first post
you might have to scroll a bit (i think that its just underneath the thor suit)
There are also a few good techniques for foam pepping for beginners as well as how to scale the pieces
unfortunately it does have boobs so you might want to switch out the chest or modify them yourself
good luck man
hope this helps!
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