Help finding Harry Potter's School Shoes (or something close)


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Hey everybody-

So in my attempt to put together an accurate Harry school uniform costume, I've figured out just about everything except the shoes. I've figured out the sweater, and the shirt and pants are just a matter of finding the right colors (ivory and a very dark charcoal). But the shoes are what are alluding me. If anyone can help, I'd be very appreciative.




My initial thoughts were of UK Clarks shoes. It would be fitting they've been the number 1 stop for parents buying school uniform shoes for kids since the dawn of time.
Yeah, I'm still pretty convinced they're Clarks but I dropped them an email about a year ago when I was looking for a friend, and just got a fairly standard type reply back saying that their range of shoes could be found on their website, so unless you can make contact with someone who's happy to go that extra mile for you it could be hard to check their back catalogue. It may be worth keep on trying though and drop them an email - try to spice up some interest for them to make it something they want to check - if there's one thing I've learnt from making Voldy, it's never give up!!!
They really do look like Clarks shoes.

I suppose it's possible that they are not an off the rack shoe, but it's unlikely, especially given the need for multiple pairs in the production.
@Arivin - It was Imp Trooper who mentioned Matalan. They're a chain over in the UK (not sure if you have them in the USA) who do fairly cheap stuff (I dont necessarily mean that in terms of quality - just that they're a "discount" shop)

@Imp - can you try to get a pic? I've got a Matalan fairly close so I'll have a gander but I know their supplies do tend to change quite a lot from branch to branch. I tried them a while ago with no joy, but their stock ranges are always in flux. The key thing to look for is those 2 darn ridges. If you can get an identical match on those, and their's a "single form" show (by that I mean, you dont have 2 seperate pieces which fold over the tongue) they you could be onto a winner :)
That has to have been from a different film, but it might have been the same company. Will be looking into this, thanks!!

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