Help finding figures or a work around for Hasegawa Ultraman 1/72 Jet Vtol


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Hello everyone, I am still working on my 1/350 PL Refit, this is a side project I am doing in preperation to build this model down the road.

I attempted to purchase a Hasegawa Ultraman 1/72 Jet Vtol last year but they were out of stock on Hobby Link Japan. I figured that they would get more stock in but it was later marked as discontinued. Needles to say I found it available on Starship Modeler for about the same price (~36.00) so I jumped on it. I later found out that there was a re-release of this model with the 3 pilots. I can not find one of these kits and I already have the kit sans pilots. So I am looking for as close as possible to the actual figures.
I have attached pics of the kit and a screen shot of the pilots to aid in the search. I expect that I will most likely have to get some WWII pilots and modify them but any help would be appreciated.





Thanks for the help


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The problem with jet pilot figures is most have an oxygen mask on the face. I know of a few in 1/48 without the mask, but I can't think of any in 1/72. 1/72 WW2 would work, just make the helmet with epoxy putty.


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robn1, thanks for the suggestion. It is most likely what I will end up doing.

Proper, thanks for the link. I also looked around and found several W/ subs but the price was always up there and when you add in shipping you are above 90.00. Too steep for me at this time.
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