Help finding a blade runner gun


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Ive been looking for a replica of the famous blade runner PKD for awhile now and have come across a plethora of different replicas of it but nowhere to buy one except for a kit.


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eBay usually has a few. They always have an Offworld version. Also I believe there is a new run in the works so check the junkyard.


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Richard Coyle is doing a run of kits both in plastic and all metal forms he's a member both here and on prop summit and goes by the screen name racprops get in contact with him and you wont be disappointed


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Indeed, get over to prop summit, after years of searching, I finally picked up a Coyle V3 and I love it!!!!! I;m also on the waiting list for Rich's plastic world con run :)

Prop summit is full of very helpful people, and if your serious about picking a blaster up, it is THE place to start looking :)

All the best in your hunt for a blaster!
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