[HELP] Fabric id


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This will probably get buried but I am desperate an I'm hoping the RPF community might be able to help, on ebay I have found a Flash costume there are two distinct fabrics used in it one is a PU leather and the other is some sort of cotton blend, it's not a thermal fabric or a duck fabric from what I can tell, so if anyone has any idea what exactly its is and where I might be able to find a few yards of it I would greatly appreciate it. here's a link to the Ebay listing that has the most images, please and thank you for your help. http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Flash-Hero-Barry-Allen-Leather-Outfit-Cosplay-Costume-Battleframe-Custommade-/371310704870


I order the same suit but from a different seller and not from ebay. It's already shipped but it hasn't arrive yet, when it arrives i give you my review about it. On ebay alot seller been reusing the same picture so i didn't trust any. Until i talk to one of them not from ebay and she gave me photos of the costume.