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I posted this in "Replica Props" a couple months ago but didn't get much of a response so I figured I would try again in here. I'm new to making props/costumes and was looking at trying to make a Dr. Fate style helmet. However, all of the threads I have found so far about making a helmet seem to skip over certain steps that can sometimes be taken for granted but are still crucial to the overall construction of it. Does anyone know of a thread that breaks down every part of a helmets construction step by step including materials for beginners or of somewhere that I can find one?
Although I'm a bit reluctant to reply, since it's not directly related to your project, I think this may help some.

With just a few modifications and imagination to what has been described here, it may be useful as a base to whatever helmet you can think of.

I guess what i'm trying to say is check out other members work and let it inspire you. Get your mind juices flowing and thinking on how you can take some ideas available here to create your own project.
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Thanks for the link. Awesome work on the rocketeer helmet! This will definitely help me a lot.

Ya I guess I should have been more specific about what I was looking for. basically it was something like what you just gave me. I didn't necessarily need a tutorial for Dr. Fate but just a helmet in general.

Which is exactly what you gave me. So again, Thank you!
Hi DoctorHow. I was wondering whether you might yield more results if you shared with us the method that you wish to use, be it Pepakura, scratch build, clay sculpt, or even cannibalising another helmet.

Just a thought really, but I think that some specifics, if of course you are able to at this early stage, may help other members to pinpoint your exact needs.

I look forward to seeing how the build progresses and wish you success. If I can help just give me a shout :)

At this stage how I want to build it is really still up in the air. It would be either Pepakura, scratch built, or clay sculpt. I am a student however so the less expensive the cost the better it would be. Which is probably why I'm leaning more towards Pepakura just because of its cost. But given that I haven't been able to find many Dr. fate Pep files it may be more simple to build it with clay sculpt or by scratch.

I also do have access to several art stores (wallacks and Michaels) so getting my hands on whatever materials I may need shouldn't be a problem.

Sorry if this is still kind of vague, if there's any other info that you might need just let me know. but like I've said I am new to this and anything that you can give me I'm sure will help.
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