(HELP) better use of epoxy plasticine


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First of all, Hi!! This is my first post ever in this forum (sorry for my english).
the thing is that i have always worked with epoxy plasticine to make props, sculptures and masks, particularly with the one on the image (i´m from Mexico, that´s why the text is in spanish):
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It had always gave me good results, but my problems is the way to apply it. What i mean with this is that you have a really short time of use before it hardens, also, you can´t use sculpture tools but even with all of this problems i like the results, it´s really strong and light when it hardens. So..... i guess the question i wanna ask ¿Is there any way to use it in a more liquid state? something like bondo, and if there is not, any recommendations on similar products?


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this is the image :)


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