Help appreciated

there's plenty of tutorials on youtube, make sure to watch them. take your time and make sure you have some1 help you.
I've done a few on people before and no issues once they knew what was involved
Thanks Wreav, thats great. So can I then construct a clay head over the plaster of paris face. If so what stages should I follow. I dont mean to sound stupid but its all new to me.
hey man, is it a face cat itself u want or head cast to sculpt over ie u wanna sculpt a predator mask?
Well full head ideally, was going to create an alginate face cast of front half of my head reinforced externally by plaster bandages then repeat for back half. Mould two half heads so to speak and then join both half's so I have a plaster copy of my head. Then the plan was to cover the plaster head once lubricated, with clay I'm two halves again and end up with two moulds I could fix together with clay and then sculpt a predator head. The stage after that I'm not so sure on as I think I may just end up with a pred head and not something I can use to actually make a pred full head mask. Any ideas guys?
ok then don't worry about proper life cast of your face... there's a few techniques u can do...
I've done this a few times and works great.
1st have a friend who u trust...
next have clingfilm/serranwrap, ducttape, expanding foam(a 2 part polyurethane hard foam is ideal) scissors and marker...
cover head in clingflim, leaving nostrils open, an eye open is optional.
then using ducttape cover your head, again leave nostrils clear for breathing, covering eyes is optional
the using the marking draw line up back of head and cut open.
Use the ducttape to close it again and now ducttape over the nostril holes etc...
If you used enough ducttape, the ducttape dummy will be firm.
now using the expanding foam, foam head and leave to set...
Hey presto, there's your armature
A word on alginate, as it's a natural product it doesn't stick to itself meaning you have to do it in one batch, you can't build it in layers. I think the duct tape head is dangerous btw. You could always buy an armature. I made mine but it wasn't cheap in the end, I ended up with a solid reusable armature though. Ive always recommended Stan Winston school videos to noobs bit their prices have skyrocketed in the last year.
Hi Guys. I very successfully managed to get my girlfriend with another friend to "Duck Tape", cast my head but used a hard foam that stuck to the cling film inside. Any ideas as to a better foam to use. Also is it recommended to use the actual duck tape head to sculpt the pred-head onto directly or simply the foam armature underneath and remove the duck tape. Sorry, very new to this still but my pred-shed looks **** hot lol
As far as I'm aware take the tape off. It just serves as a mold. I've never used ducktape so I can't say for sure. I wouldn't like to sculpt on to tape personally.
I went the plaster bandage route and then pour a plaster master from that. The plaster bandages were from Michaels and worked out very nice. I got some good detail and it was fast so there was not to much suffering from my model. It's nice to have a solid actual size head to work with and a went down the neck a bit to the shoulders. As far as the body I did a duct tape dummy and then to sculpt armor I used that plaster bandages formed over the duct tape dummy. This way I has something solid to put the clay on. I can put it on to test fit and off to sculpt details and mold. I can also put it on my actual model to verify the fit. Doing it this way has worked out great.

I hope this helps.
So I Now have a duck take cast of my head which is filled with 2 Part polyurethane hard foam. So let me get this straight, The next most important thing is, I'm guessing, to mount the armature of my head solidly to a base/board etc and then sculpt the head out of clay directly on to that and let it dry solid????? Any prefferences on what type of clay, I obviously dont have a kiln so I'm guessing air drying clay.

Thanks for the continued help so far guys!!!

If your using air dry clay keep it moist. Cover it with plastic when not working.
I would use an oil based clay -Monsters, Chevaunt, or if you on a budged plasticine from your local art supply.

If your making a latex mask you will want to build up an extra layer of clay to account for material shrinkage. The latex will shrink 10% to 15% depending on the brand. If you sculpt directly on our head the mask will be very tight.
Chavant nsp medium is the clay of choise for me at least. 7Quid for a 2lb block, I get mine from 4dmodelshop online. Its non drying polymer clay and works easilly when you warm it up, it holds fine detail and is reusable
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