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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Star Wars Man, Jan 20, 2006.

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    alright, i just emailed richies armor asking how much his mini stormtrooper armor is...


    i want to wait for his email

    so, if i get it, getting fans in my helmet is inperative right?

    now i was thinking, obi wan academy tut

    now that is for two 9 v batteries with 2 12 v fan, now it will work, but i am a perfectionist. so is there a way to ad another 9 v battery and like subtract 3 volts from it?

    and what would be the best way to secure all of this stuff to ur helmet, some pics would be nice.

    and then where the heck would i put the speaker? i was thinking putting the speaker on the mouth vents (sound comin out of the mouth vents, seems logical right?) is there space for two fans and a amp?

    and another thing i was thinking, is like those really expensive boxes for voice changin, i was thinking, i got a guitar pedal, a BOSE MEGA DISTORTION version 2 or something, could that do something?
  2. Rick Hanson

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    You could easily power the fans with 3 9V batteries with no problems...those little CPU-type fans are generally good from like 6-18VDC each. Two fans wired in series with the batteries would be perfectly fine. It just depends on how fast you want them to turn, and how much noise you're willing to put up with.

    I run two 12V fans on a single 9V battery in my bucket and get plenty of ventilation with very little noise. I'd post pics, but unfortunately, my "attachment system" failed and everything's in pieces right now. :lol
  3. IanL

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    I was playing around with this the other night, cuz my snowtrooper desperately needs ventilation. I scalped 2 different sized fans from old computers (both 12v) and hooked them directly to a 9V battery. They spun the fans as fast as you could need them. I don't think the full 12v is necessary, and should be fine with 1 9v battery per fan
  4. Star Wars Man

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    so two 9 v for 2 12 v fans ok, i dont know yet though, richies armor hasnt gotten back to me yet
  5. DL 44 Blaster

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    Yeah,it'll work fine. I had the same setup in my old helmet. It was a bit noisy since they were turning quite a bit,but you get used to the hummm.

  6. jedi5150

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    In my bucket, I run one fan on two 9v batteries running in PARALLEL (positive-to-positive, negative-to-negative, then to the fan). That way, you still deliver 9v to the fan (not overloading it with 18v) but you deliver more CURRENT. It seems to give the fan a little more "oomph" and makes the batteries last a LOT longer.

    One thing I did was mount the fan on some small rubber pads (I used small pieces of floor mat), that seemed to dampen the noise and vibration.

    I mounted the batteries in a small radio shack project box, then ran some flex-tubing around the inside of the bucket to the front to hide the wires... not necessary but it sure cleans it up:
  7. Star Wars Man

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    ya, the only 9 volt holder i found was like bent metal, it wasnt enclosed or anything
  8. Star Wars Man

    Star Wars Man Well-Known Member

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    is there way to have 3 9v batteries onto two 12 volt fans? and waht project box

    could i have some links or product numbers

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