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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else is using magnets to hold their helmets to the masks? I pulled some flat curved shaped magnets out of some old hard drives and put them on the insides of the mask, then I have some really powerful rare earth magnets that I have put in the mandibles and in the top of the mask. They hold really well and I can pull the helmet on and off. I will post some photos if anyone is interested?
At least 10 posts around magnets if you 'search' :
Thanks snake, I have checked it out, here is a way to do it.

First don't use hot glue as this weakens the magnets, instead use cold glues.

Next with your mask you should use something like fibre filler it works well and is very strong.

I pulled 4 magnets out of some 3.25 Hard Disc Drives, they are flat and curved.


Put those in the bio mask with the fibre filler and let them set,


next I used glue and rubber inside the mask, I put magnets in the mandibles to lock in the front of the helmet and then place the magnets in the the back part of the mask line them up and lock them in place. You should end up with your bio mask connected to your helmet. Let the magnets in the mask find the right position then glue them in place, I used the rubber to hold them in place.

Hope this helps, just ask if you have any problems

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