Hellraiser Puzzle Box


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Gone but not forgotten.
I used to have a Hellraiser Puzzle Box. I had bought the six brass panels off Ebay. I used a 3 inch cube of walnut as the base hardwood. I sold it about a yaer or so ago. Over the last couple of months I have been trying to find someone who sells just the panles so I can build another. But, no luck of course. Some of the websites that sell boxes either don't offer the panels or are always "out of stock". So here is my question. Is there anyone here that can photoetch a set of brass panles for a puzzle box. There are tons of images, artwork, etc. out there. What would it take to get someone from here to do a set?




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Gone but not forgotten.
Hey PBM! Well I looked into having panels etched and for me it was more than I could budget. Earlier this year I picked up a set of Neca panels that I cleaned up. I will be using those on a new box. I'm trying to get a guy at work to get off his duff and cut my block for me. I'll be using a walnut cube again. I love that wood as it is a dense hardwood and keeps sharp edges for a long time.
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