Hellraiser Pinhead Costume


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Ok guys and gals, I just finished this costume for a friend and was so proud of it I had to share!
The Mask is silicone and is our First go at silicone! This is not an easy process IMO! The pins are made from Plastic Qtips, push pins and some spray paint! There are 100 in this mask and one was less fun to put in than the last, LOL!!
The costume is made from a leather trench coat! There was a ton of altering that needed to be done on this thing to make it work! We also added the latex chest shoulders and forarms! We also added some metal clips for effect!
As always please let me know what you think and thanks for looking!




Graphic Jordan

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This is creepily awesome Jeremey! Great work! Love all the little details... and that eyeball less mask is scary as ****! Great works!


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Thanks Jordan! Actuall the eyes were cut out but I was too fat to ware the costume! The guy we made it for is 6'3" and about 160 lbs so i had to stick Mallie in that thing, LOL! She had a stocking over her head so the silicone would not pull her hair! Thats why there are no eyeballs!
Just a little back story from me to you!

Amish Trooper

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Very cool. If there is a next attempt.These would be my suggestions
1. Make the ribbing less and bigger, more rib like especially around the openings
2. The center opening, make that more tear drop in shape
3. Build up the shoulders, bell like and round them out.

Please understand these are just suggestions. Very cool costume :thumbsup


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thanks Amish!

Mallie is not as tall or heavy as the person this was commissioned for so it will fit him alot better and be more filled out, she has a considerable ammount of room in there and it appears a little "frumpy'!
As for the ribbing I should have made it a little bigger i completly agree and thought about it shortly after producing the piece, LOL! Hindsight, Eh??

Thanks for the comments and suggestions Im always open to constructive criticism
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