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I was recently forced to move my Lament Configuration box and dome due to needing the space for the Conan Horn of Dagoth and now I'm thinking about expanding the display in its new location (and maybe adding track lighting or something to light it up in the darkened room a bit).

Current Location:

Right Mid Wall Hellraiser Cube Moved s.jpg

I was thinking with the space on top of the antique outboard fireplace, I could fit three cubes/domes kind of like this (brightened) scene in Hellraiser II:

Three Globes for Boxes.jpg

Those are pretty big domes with little stepped stands within them. Has anyone seen ones like that for sale before?

I was thinking maybe of putting three different boxes in them. I've got two already. One is a flat black decal type box ($50), the one that's pictured above is the fully brass inlaid box ($199) and I was thinking about getting one of the models that has a music box in it (that you turn with the circular depression on one side) to use in a third box. Or possibly a different design (e.g. A "solved" configuration box) and/or or a 3D printed "Leviathan Configuration" (diamond shaped). Those wouldn't need the exact glass cases per se, but of course that would be cool looking. I don't think those size cases would even fit three on the fireplace, though. I might have to go for three more like the one I have already.

I'd then have some kind of remote activated overhead lighting to shine on them when the room is dark (along with the Harry Potter Crystal Ball, MIB "galaxy" globe and Conan "Heart of Ahriman" diamond that are currently activated with a single button push (RF AC remote control). I have the Indiana Jones items on a second IR remote with flickering votive candles powering them (bookshelf and Lit Crystal Skull).

Examples of Solved and Leviathan boxes:

Leviathan Box Solved Example.jpg
Leviathan Box 3D model Example.jpg

Music Box from pyramid-gallery.com:

I'm pretty limited on space in the room, but I'd be curious if anyone has any other ideas for a display in that area of the room (or a better alternative to those examples above).

Existing Brass Inlaid Mahogany Lament Box I have (closeups):

Lament Box New Higher Angle.jpg

Lament Box New.jpg
I might just have to buy this for the room itself (rather than a display). A Hellraiser Lament Box themed tissue box! I think it would have made more sense to have the round side "open" to have the tissues come out of it rather than a side that didn't open that way. Maybe I'll ask about a custom version....

Hellraiser Tissue Box.jpg
I know Hobby Lobby sells display domes that are almost as big as the ones in the movie. They also sell little wooden discs with stepped edges in their DIY area, so you could easily build an internal riser. They might be too wide for three to sit on that fireplace though.
I have a box in my prop room. Makes people uncomfortable when they see it! Got it years ago. Made by a company called screamin.
I've got a few ideas cooking using some interesting variations of The Box including a rotating Leviathan diamond box lit from below (rotating LED box) to put inside a glass dome (middle display) and an Elysium crystal-like version to light from within using remote control LED (right side display) with the original box on the left side.

I also saw a jewelry box version that I think I could modify with a ton of pinholes and stick a remote control LED light inside that would only appear as light coming from a trace pattern all around the box (that would be some work, though making all the pinholes with a drill bit or hot nail).

I also just found some nice Hellraiser drink coasters and ordered a set (there was a laser etched version on here I was following for like over a year and it never materialized. These are one for each side of the box and look to be more like a potholder-like fabric instead.
I did an Aged Lament Configuration aways back. I have it displayed on Gary Tunnecliffs 16 inch tall Pillar Of Souls Replica. But I thought it was missing something. Was perusing Ebay when I chanced upon an old Brass lamp base. Here is the Lament Box just on the Base. I`ll try to take a good pic of the full display when I can.
Hellraiser 1.jpg
I decided to use the drink coasters in the display for now to give some more symmetry and imply the fireplace has Lament runes or something (thus the hands coming out of it to hold the closed box and diamond configuration). I dunno, do you think it works like this?

Hellraiser Display Update s.jpg

I suppose if I could get white light to leak out of the cracks in the fireplace (what with the box solved in the middle), that would be kind of freaky in the dark.... :D
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After closely comparing the movie footage for both Hellraiser I and Hellraiser II, I noticed that the box opens with the wrong parts moving upward (the arrows on the circle point to the glyphs that move upward in the movie. The box rotates clockwise to open the gateway and the arrows should align (triangle/triangle and circle/circle) and instead here as you can see, they are incorrectly aligned. I have to rotate the box counter-clockwise to get them to align correctly on the sides (with the circle side up), but then the top glyph alignment is wrong.

I went through and looked at EVERY 3D printed Lament Box on Etsy and EVERY SINGLE ONE has the alignments wrong (the arrow pointed sides move downward instead). They must ALL be using the same basic 3D print model that has the wrong alignments.... I sent a message to the seller that sold me mine and showed comparison photos. If they're just using someone else's 3D model (which I highly suspect given how every single one for sale is WRONG), I doubt it will matter. Fortunately, for just display purposes I can just rotate it the other direction and short of memorizing the top glyph positions, it at least then looks right on the sides in the star position.

First photo shows move (left) and mine (right), but to align it like the movie on the sides, I had to rotate counterclockwise instead. As you can see, the arrows on the top circle point at the glyphs that move upward with the circle on the left (movie) and on mine they are not moving (one next to it goes up instead).

Box Open HII Compare.jpg

Here, you can see how you end up with circle/triangle on the sides if you rotate clockwise like the movie:

Wrong Alignment Cube.jpg

The box is also SILVER on the inside in Hellraiser I (does seem to be black in Hellraiser II, though).

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