hellonearth's 2nd pred bust/sculpture to date

should this be a full kit, or just a bust?

  • bust w/ cool base

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  • add legs and small dio base

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hello fellow pred heads! first of all i promise my next contribution will be full scale but i just wanted you guys to know i have been working on a contribution to our people

a couple months ago i began with a couple big lumps of sculpy and decided to take it as far as i could with the amount of "clay" that i had, so i came to start sculpting what was to be this approx. 1/10th scale bust that i'm about to show you. it is my baby and i have nurtured it as much as time would allow since then and while it's still far from completion, i wanted to at least show you guys i am tryin

i so envy all your badassed suits, and full scale pred sculpts, and i hope to sculpt or at least construct one of my own this year finally! but for now i offer my humble addition to the "kit" or "bust" world.

like i said, still alot of work is needed to actually be pleased with it enough to mold it and make a few casts but for now, i just wanted some feedback, good or bad i am open to suggestions.

my P1...some of the muscles will die down as i add the details to the abdomen, so he won't look so much like a body builder, but here he is... oh! and my main question was, should i keep it how it is as a bust with a cool base roughly the size of the paint can, or should i add legs? and maybe a dio base?












well there he is for the most part. lots of things will be improved on in the next week or two, like i've already changed it to a little more aggressive pose, and no detail will be spared on the remaining unfired skin and armor, the whole backpack and forearms, mandibles and teeth are already solidified, just wanted to work on the skin and chest armor mainly, and of course the head needs alot more work, but i hope you guys can see where i'm trying to go with this.

please any suggestions or comments at all are welcome, i'm still very new to the sculpting aspect of things any of you sculptors out there, i'd love to hear from you too, to tell me little tips i may not have already gathered from the plethora of awesome info around here. i figure my next will be better but for such a small scale i thought it was a start.

thanks for lookin guys!
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I like the bust idea.Its small and theres no predators made to date in that size for a figure.But either way i think you will nail the sculpt,very awesome.I wish you were in Florida to craft a big project together!!!!!
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