Hellkat Kreation order

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Hi all

Not even sure it is the right section to post this topic so sorry if it's not.

Just want to know if someone succeed to get anorder from hellkat Kreation ?
Ordered mine In march 29th and still don't have it

Craig is a nice person and answer to all my email but he seems to have some delay

Posting this topic to be sure that someone really received an order already

No offense to anybody but the delay worry me a little.

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Oh now I'm getting tired of this deal ....

Dont want to complain but enough is enough !
Each week craig or Pete told me that my order is being shipped within a day ...
But nothing is done and they don't reply to my email anymore....

Anyone who know them more than I do for telling them that I'm waiting my order very much .... ?

PS: sorry for this negative post but getting bored of the situation


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dude dont apologise. your not the first person that has had the same issue with Pete and delivery times... i can' personaly speak from experience but there are enough storys of woe on here from other members that tell a similar story..

hope it works out for you soon mate


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I had the same problem until I opened a PayPal dispute. Then I got a tracking number ASAP. That won't work if you're past the 45 days tho...

Elder one

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I know it's tough for you guys over the ocean. But I can tell you - - I order something and it goes months and months with delays and deceit - - I'm going to be on someone's doorstep.

"Have frequent flyer mileage - will travel"


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so i get emails from predator stuff on a regular basis..
in the latest one Dan mentions that from this Summer that Hellkat are no longer doing Pred stuff anymore.
so perhaps ties are being cut with Pete...???

anyway i suppose pressure is on guys make sure you get your stuff..


Today I want to tackle the biggest question I get on an ongoing basis, so I'll post a typical version of what is asked rather than a specific sample sent in by someone:

Q - "Can I order a Predator 1, AVP or Wolf costume from you, and if so how much?"

A - The bottom line on this question is, unfortunately, no. The demand for high end Predator costumes is ENORMOUS and I get emails DAILY on this subject, however with Kre8-FX no longer taking new orders for suits and discontinuing the production of any Predator items by this summer and no one else able to offer a turn-key complete costume solution, I simply cannot get any costumes any more. There might be some made here and there privately that I might have access to, but that will be rare and I will be sure to send out a heads up email to everyone when I do get one, but please don't count on it. Your best bet is to check out the costume building forum at www.thehunterslair.com and order raw parts and learn how to build a suit... it take s a long time to put together, but it's very much worth it and it can be a very rewarding experience. I apologize for the lack of availability, but there just doesn't seem anyone able to put these together any more. Should the situation change, you can bet I will let everyone know!


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After many unpleasant email with Pete and craig, I finally got my order...
How to say that ? Just a pile a crap !!!!!!
Ordered an AVP painted mask and a painted bio. Both paints are a joke...

Quality of the sculpt and of the latex are the only good points

Will post pics to have fun with you. Now I'm going to cut my veins .....

End of a pathetic story !


New Member
ah jaysus man dont do it.... haha....

sorry to hear they are bad paint ups.. but if yor happy with the pieces apart from the paint thats not the end of the world.. there is always the possibility of getting them repainted....

you got them thats the main thing


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wow been awhile since Ive been on this site and it still the same...

Froggy email me if there is an issue with your order..




Well-Known Member

you and i go back a long ways and have covered this issue many many many times, i'm not looking to get into a flaming war with you in regards to your business practices or what your deals are.

could you please explain "the same"

if that means people come here to vent frustration in dealing with you yes that has remained the same...

if the same means folks can't get a reply or answers to their questions regarding orders or getting non-commital nasty emails and replies..yes that is the same.

but maybe you can enlighten me as to what the "same" means.

i feel as if i can speak up since i have had to deal with many people asking me to step in at some capacity to help with dealing this issue or issues that come up with you..

i always tell them your dealings are your own and pete is capable of handling them on his own...

again not looking to start anything ..just looking for clarity


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no problem andrew completely understand.

but in most situations..I say where is the email? where is the phone call I give to ALL my clients?...in all this is all still the same..mabe the reason myself like so many others have or are moving on from beiing on the selling end of this costume,

SO when I refer to the "same"? that for the idiotic fuckheads that get my customers on edge, and its only on this site it happens..and in most cases from 85% of people ive never even heard off...LOL...so this is what i mean..people are just bord I guess, You know..to get on the the new rant.

Its all good andrew this place is still the best for predator costume designs and help, Ive referred many to this site...But only after Ive shipped there Items. most that find this place on there own and get excited and post here..they get private PM about my past issues or other BS, Ive sacrificed many things in order to correct and im finally getting past it..

I did write something like this on the lair alittle while ago, But SOMEONE here deleted my post..and some of my clients posts as well,,You dont need to be awake to notice half the stuff that goes on here, but I am not like that

My emails been the same for 8 years Drop me a line sometime..

Best of luck.


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I'm on the complete opposite here. Got some very nice parts from them.
I've had an extremely nice time dealin with both Pete and Craig. Very pleasant, curtious and apologetic on slightly delayed reponses to emails, no hassle and no problem answering any questions or queries.


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Every paint up I have seen from Pete has been killer...whats so bad about the one you got? I'm curious to see the pics...


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had some emails with Pete and we found a deal about this problem..

Turning the page now, paint work in progress

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