Hellboy Samaritan Gun


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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and looking to start my first build soon.

I hope to make a very accurate replica of Hellboys Samaritan Gun. I have found a lot of referrence material so far but am missing certain angles.

Does anyone have any photos of either the original or the sideshow replica of:
A top view
Close ups of around the top of the bullet chamber
Bottom of the grip (I could see some text in one shot but not well enough to read it)
Any other detailed parts that you may have pics of

King Jacob

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This was helpful to me when I built mine. He shows a close up of the bottom of the grip and turns it around in his hands so you can get a good look at several angles including the top and the rifling in the barrel.


Here is a view of the Sideshow replica's cylinder I had to dig around for:
hellboy samaratin 5.jpg


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Does anyone with a sideshow replica, (or even a screen used one!) have any dimensions? I have the plans from the "Art of Hellboy" book but only the photos from when prop store sold one to scale it. Just a few measurements will do hopefully!

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